Children's Story

Children's Story

A good Childrens story fascinates the little ones every time anew!

Download great childrens stories here and let your loved little ones enjoy new stories in a few minutes from now!

Children simply love audiobooks with great stories, and if you go on a long road trip, audiobooks are one of the best methods to keep your kids happy and occupied.

Listen to sample kids audio books here:

Children's Story Audio Books Download


Grumpy Grandad - The Hole in the Fish Pond - Free Children's Story!

Here's a great audio for your kids:


Maurice is back raging havoc in Grumpy Grandad's Garden. The capers continue - but will Grumpy Grandad be able to keep his calm? "Another fast-moving heart-warmingly funny story."

12 minutes of pure fun and entertainment for your child, just the right time span not to exceed children's capacity to keep concentrated and pay attention. A childrens story by Ann Twigg, edited by Playtime Books.








Children's Story



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Customer comments about these childrens audio books:

All of a Kind Family  (The first in the series of heartwarming children's tales from turn of the 20th century New York) 
"this is a wonderful book, from the excitment, to the fact that this is a non fiction story and every little thing makes it that much better. I recomed this book to be read aloud from ages 5-7 and from ages 8 and up should read it by them selfs. you can read this siries 100s of times and it never gets old"  -Laura Hollander from Brooklyn 
Paraworld Zero
(Harry Potter meets Star Wars)
"I devour everything Harry Potter, so when I heard the phrase “Harry Potter meets Star Wars” I had to pick this one up. Paraworld Zero is not your typical Harry Potter-like book. The story has a lot of science fiction and fantasy in it, so I guess you could call it “Harry Potter in space,” though space is not really the word for it. The characters travel through a thing called the parastream, which is like a special form of outer space that allows you to move quickly from parallel world to parallel world. The idea is intriguing, and the author makes it simple to understand. Simon Kent is now my favorite 12-year-old magician. He gets into the most precarious situations. Oh, and the narration was top-notch." -
Joshua Green from USA